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In 1999, when the County discontinued trail maintenance, Jackpine Riders Snowmobile/ATV Club (formerly known as Solon Springs Snowmobile Club) took over the grooming and maintenance of 67 miles of winter trails and 22.6 miles of summer trails.  

We're always looking for new members regardless of whether you want an inexpensive WI snowmobile trail pass, or are looking for people to ride with in the Solon Springs area.  We're always trying to find folks that are interested in trail maintenance, running a chain saw, driving the Tucker for grooming, or tractor for grading. 

If you have any questions or would simply like to reach us :

Jackpine Riders Snowmobile/ATV Club

P.O. Box 61

Solon Springs, WI  54873



President: Dave Krenz  -  Vice-President: Mike Shish  -  Treasurer: Craig Krenz  -  Secretary: Heather Higgins

Board Members: Dave Wicklund, Josh Rich, Randy Rowe

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